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my name is Khang Lam. I'm a student, aspiring to be explore the world one place at a time. I love taking pictures, so I thought I would start a blog to finally share them. a blog where I incorporate everything I love, and share my experiences with you. in this site, you'll find poetry, art, travel recommendations, and basically my life. if you have any suggestions for my next destination, be sure to let me know. this site is basically me in a nutshell. I hope you find what you need here. 

a deeper dive 

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    hi again, lovely to meet your online presence. I'm based in stl, the Lou as many say here. I'm an aspiring pre-med student, hoping to go into dermatology. I love to travel, it's the one thing in my life that's consistent. traveling is like my favorite hobby, besides; volleyball, working out, art, photography and many more. Every page that I make has a touch of me, maybe it's art, or perhaps a picture. who knows, maybe a recipe. I'm exploring myself, while sharing my experience with you. if you have nay questions please feel free to let me know. hoping my experiences help shape yours.

- with much love, khang






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